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Flexi Narrow Aisle design, manufacture & market the award winning Flexi AC articulated trucks

For over 30 years, Flexi Narrow Aisle Ltd has been one of the world’s foremost manufacturers of very narrow aisle (VNA) equipment.

Flexi Narrow Aisle design, manufacture and market the award-winning Flexi AC range of articulated forklift trucks at the company’s UK manufacturing plant and are distributed worldwide through a fully supported distributor network.

Since Narrow Aisle pioneered the Flexi articulated truck in the early 1990s it has gone on to become the most popular on the market.

Over 7000 units have been shipped throughout the world.

Over the past five years, the Flexi AC range has been developed significantly and can now lift loads weighing up to 2.5 tonnes and to heights of over 14 metres.

Although Flexi Narrow Aisle’s clients are involved in the storage and handling of many different products – from FMCG, foodstuffs and beverages to automotive – they all share at least one common aim: the need to maximize efficiency within their warehousing operation by increasing throughput and making the most of all the space that is available.

Flexi Features

The Flexi AC 220° articulating chassis design reduces the stacking aisle down to 1600mm  (ISO pallet).

The seating position allows the driver to face forwards. When stacking a load the mast moves away from his line of vision to give unobstructed visibility of the forks and load.

The Flexi forklift truck counterbalance design eliminates the need to lift over 400mm Reach Truck legs at the ground level, saving more than 5% on vertical stacking space required.

The much narrower Flexi ‘True Radius’ design operates unguided in very narrow aisles safely at full travel speed.

The Flexi AC truck has reliable twin front wheel with conventional differential drive axle.

The powerful AC technology motor powers the front wheels smoothly and safely at all times.

Large diameter, superelastic tyres on all four wheels.

Tilting mast with twin low-level cylinders, for safe, smooth high-level stacking.  Cylinder seals protected from ingress of dirt.

Flexi Benefits

You save wasted aisle space and achieve more storage density compared to a moving mast Reach Truck, therefore reducing the cost per pallet stored by more than 25%.

Flexi ‘True Radius’ eliminates product and rack damage in aisle. Operator stress and fatigue due to side seated Reach Truck eliminated.

No ‘reach legs’ eliminates wasted space above the bottom load and the first beam level, improving storage capacity by 5%.

Eliminates the cost of steel rail or inductive wire guidance system and super flat floors required with  Man Up very narrow lateral stacking solutions.

Twin front wheel drive is proven technology used on conventional counterbalance trucks. Minimal tyre scrub when turning, tractive effect increases when laden.

Better outdoor working compared with Reach Truck no hard polyurethane wheels or stabilisers.

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Services Flexi Narrow Aisle Limited Provide

The Complete Solution - From start to finish...

The Flexi AC range

The Flexi AC range of articulated forklift trucks has been developed specifically to improve storage, handling and customer order assembly efficiency in manufacturing and logistics.

Free Warehouse Racking Design

Several warehouse layout options can be modelled by our designers and budget costs provided for evaluation. The budget includes implementation and warehouse operational costs so the client can business test each option.

Training Services

Flexi Training offers a comprehensive range of fully accredited forklift truck operator and engineer training courses to ensuring Flexi trucks are operated safely, reliably and to their maximum efficiency.

Rental Services

Flexi Narrow Aisle – the UK-based manufacturer of the Flexi AC range of articulated forklift trucks has over 300 trucks in its short term rental (STR) fleet, available at short notice to support peak periods.

After Sales Service

The unique Flexi chassis design means all components are both fully protected and easy to access, by removing only three covers to access all serviceable components.

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Flexis Narrow Aisle Warehouse Trucks for small spaces from Flexi Narrow Aisle UK

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  • March 2018
  • 70
  • 1976
  • £21,000,000

Expect were committed to narrow aisle storage but because a large part of the company’s business involves cross docking it was important to select a truck that could function efficiently and safely.

Following a period of close consultation between key personnel from Expect and the warehouse planning team at Narrow Aisle Ltd, the optimum aisle width for the extended store was agreed.

While Flexi trucks can pick up and turn pallets in aisles as narrow as 1.6 metres wide, in applications like Expect where high throughputs need to be achieved and faster travel speeds are required, the speed at which a truck can efficiently operate in the aisleways is more important than the need to achieve the narrowest aisleways.

As the site is a multi-user facility, Expect do assemble some customer orders within the racking – the Flexis do pick many full pallet loads or, if part load picks of several boxes or layers are required, the Flexi trucks can drop a pallet from its storage location and deliver it to a marshalling area where orders are made up, before quickly returning the load directly to its original location within the store.

- Expect (Flexi meets Expect’s expectations) -

Due to the consistently high demand for its products, KP Snacks recently undertook a major upgrade of the intralogistics processes at its Ashby-de-la-Zouche warehouse.

Flexi recommended narrowing the aisles of the warehouse’s storage cube and replacing the pallet racking with an integrated two-deep storage system served by a fleet of Flexi StorMAX truck units. Controlled by a specially developed warehouse management system to optimize First in Last out (FILO) and maximize pallet storage efficiency.

Controlled by KP’s warehouse management system, pallets are put-away and retrieved by the StorMAX’s pallet forks that have been designed to be able to place pallets twice as deep within the racking as a traditional reach truck’s forks.

In addition to supplying the ‘hardware’ incorporated in the revamped store, Flexi advised on how to adapt KP’s WMS software to optimize every pallet of product entering the warehouse so it can be tracked, located and picked in the most efficient ‘FILO” sequence.

A fleet of five Flexi StorMAX trucks is all that is required to maintain KP’s highly effective put-away and picking operation.

- KP Snacks (Revamped warehouse process is the right recipe) -

Howard Tenens, one of the UK’s largest privately owned logistics companies has recently committed to investing in the supply of new VNA, high bay warehouse truck systems with Narrow Aisle Flexi.

Howard Tenens has invested £42m over the last 3 years into its property portfolio, logistics contracts, systems solutions and employee training and development of which it’s Materials Handling Equipment (MHE) has been an important part of.
This latest investment will be split between two of Howard Tenens’ sites; Ashby de la Zouch in the Midlands and Sharpness in the South West. In total Howard Tenens, will receive 12 new Narrow Aisle Flexi Trucks which will be used to support several Howard Tenens key contracts. Mike Jones, General Manager at Howard Tenens Sharpness, comments: “We have been working with Narrow Aisle for over 11 years. They were able to demonstrate flexibility within the contract that allows us to tender competitively for new business and in turn a significant saving was made by trading in older model Flexi Trucks.”

- Howard Tenens (Sharpness/Ashby Invest in Flexi Truck) -

Crown Paints has invested in a fleet of seven articulated very narrow aisle (VNA) forklift trucks from Narrow Aisle Ltd’s Flexi range for operation at its production facility in Hull.

Narrow Aisle provided Crown with an integrated battery power management system which not only reduces energy consumption but also maximises truck uptime by eliminating on-truck battery charging.

The Flexi’s environmental performance was a particularly significant factor in Crown’s decision to award the multi-truck deal to Narrow Aisle as Crown is committed to reducing its Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 25 per cent by 2020 as part of its blueprint for greener manufacturing.

Crown’s new integrated Flexi fleet has been provided on a contract and service level agreement that includes all planned maintenance, safety inspections and repairs in one fixed monthly charge.

- Crown Paints (Crown Paints opt for Flexi articulated trucks) -

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