Midlands-made Flexi trucks on show at Black Country Business Expo

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One of the highlights of the Black Country Chamber of Commerce’s annual events calendar, the Expo will showcase many of the most innovative companies from the local business community.

Narrow Aisle Ltd has been building Flexi warehouse trucks since 1976 and is one of only a handful of companies still making lift trucks in the UK today.

Flexi trucks pick up and transport pallets like conventional forklifts, but are designed to allow more of a warehouse or distribution centre to be used for valuable storage space by being able to work in a "very narrow aisle”.

Over the last 28 years, over 7000 Flexis have been sold throughout the world and the Flexi brand has become synonymous with high quality, ultra-efficient products, exceptional reliability and outstanding customer service.

A range of contract hire, lease and short-term rental packages are available, each of which is tailored to suit a client’s needs.

Narrow Aisle Ltd also offers warehouse planning, design and implementation services and specializes in updating and transforming existing storage facilities to significantly improve efficiency and reduce operating costs.

"There are a huge number of warehouse facilities across the Midlands region that were constructed and equipped over 25-30 years ago and many of these sites are no longer fit for purpose,” says Narrow Aisle’s Commercial Director, John Maguire.

"Often the market and the original usage has changed completely and therefore the storage and materials handling system installed is no longer efficient. Narrow Aisle works with its clients to redesign the layout of their site and create a much more cost-effective operation,” he adds.

For further details on the full Flexi range, Narrow Aisle’s lift truck finance options and the company’s warehouse design services, go to www.flexi.co.uk or visit the company’s stand at the forthcoming Black Country Chamber of Commerce Expo.

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